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Our Engineering Rock Stars!

We are proud to work with Londons best engineering plumbing talent! Here are some of our featured London Engineering Rock Stars. Learn more about our rigorous Engineer screening program. We are hiring plumbers and gas engineers around the UK! Apply now!

Romero and Louisa, Areas:N,W and NW London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas.

Mick, Areas:SE SW and W London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Joseph, Areas:NW,N and Central London.Qualifications:NVQ3,NVQ2,ACS Gas

Steve,Areas:NE,E and SE London.Qualifications:NVQ3,NVQ2,ACS Gas

Dal, Areas: NW,NE,N.Qualifications:NVQ3,NVQ2,ACS Gas. Hobbies:Family time,Sight seeing,Relaxing

Stu Johnson Areas: SE, SW, SW, E, NW, N and NE London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas.Hobbies:Traveling

PJ, Areas: SW London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas. Hobbies :Films

Roger,Areas:SW,S,SE,E,and W.Qualifications:NVQ3,NVQ2,ACS Gas Hobbies :Spending time with friends and family

Clem , Areas:SE,W,Croy, TW, KT, SW,E and Central London .Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas. Hobbies :Family

Karpal, Areas: N,NW and W london .Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Lee, Areas: London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Desmond, Areas: London . Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Charles, Areas: N,NW,W and NE London .Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Nick, Areas:London .Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Norris, Areas:London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Warren, Areas:London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Peter, Areas:N,NW,NE and W London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

Anayo, Areas:London.Qualifications:NVQ3, NVQ2, ACS Gas

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